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Enhancing the Customer Connection

Corporate Track: The Service & Sales Connection

Workshop: Becoming a Customer Service Professional

Concern: "How do we take our customer service from good to great?​"

Quote from a previous participant:  “I’ve been to a lot of customer service classes but I learned more today about dealing with customers than in all the other trainings put together.”​ Customer Service Professional, MedX

Every interaction is an opportunity to connect in a way that builds loyalty and leaves a positive, lasting impression.

During this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Define the role of a successful customer service professional.
  • Demonstrate how to effectively connect with customers.
  • Implement the “Keeping Your C.O.O.L. Strategy.”
  • Recognize the impact body language, voice tone, and choice of words has on customers.
  • Leave with Action Plans they create during the session.

Included at no extra cost - Customization of the participants’ workbook:

  • You have the option of including your company’s Customer Service Strategy.
  • Addition of your company’s name, logo and Vision Statement.

Workshop Specifics:

  • Audience: Front line to executive level.
  • Length: Four hours.
  • Format: Interactive workshop environment and skill practice.
  • Class size: Minimum 6 and up to 18 participants per session.


Phone: (828) 333-1484